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By 4 September 2011Blog, Minimalist

It’s not easy maintaining a blog like this. Of the many bookmarks that I have over the years, I have seen many blogs suffer the inevitable death. It been busy days since the last updates, I kinda forgot how time consuming and energy draining it was to be so involved in a cca. Been stressing out over the last position and hopefully it gets settled soon. Honestly for the year ahead the biggest challenge will be time management and the updates over at this place will get lesser and lesser. I promise better quality in exchange thou.

On to the photo, this was taken at Changi Beach morning. Walking along the boardwalk in the morning was amazing as the tide was super low and all the rock formations could be seen. At this spot thou, I was waiting for the sunrise along with others but we were left disappointed as the sun hid beneath the clouds. There was this weird pipe (?) and I saw a good photo opportunity for minimalist. Really pleased with the end result. Hope you this will help bring peace in stressful times as it did for me.