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Window View

By 12 August 2011Blog, Landscapes

Back to school again and this semester will yet be another cruel test of time management. This semester will be interesting in term of how things will go, still many unknown factors now regarding timetable, cca work, personal work, ifg. Hope things turn out well. Side note: I really need to start selling and buying textbook soon once every is done and dusted.

Here a photo from the archives taken exactly one month again. I remembered it was the second time I have seen such sunset where the orange glow of the sunset is spread across the horizon. This was shot from my room through the window. Sometimes I wished I had a better window view like some of the other landscapes shot that I took so that I can take all the pictures in the comfort of my home. I kind of feel that I pushed too far in post processing and the blue sky looks overly painterly and I guess this is one of the reason why I kept this in the archives. I think it would be better if viewers see this as a digital image/art instead of a pure photograph.