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Website Redesign

By 13 June 2015Blog

Goodbye to the old design

Finally a new look KenChuaPhoto is ready! While I really love the previous design, technology has progressed quite a bit and I can do so much more new things using a new template like being responsive, mobile friendly, online shop, pallarax headers and the list goes on.

Like Singapore, we must embrace the fact that in order to stay relevant with the current trends of society, we either build something new or rebuild something old.

Rebuilding the kenchuaphoto website was a therapeutic process for me, it allowed me to look back in time, the history of what I have done, the memories of the photos I took. I thought about the future as well, where my photography is heading towards and what is the direction that I want for this website. Overall I am pretty satisfied with the outcome.

There should stay be some minor changes and updates yet to be complete so let me know if you spot any bugs or broken links! Thanks!