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Website Overhaul

By 1 March 2013Blog

Over the past week, has been hacked at least 3 times and with my webhost inability to plug the vulnerability on their end, I have decided to do a manual clean up of my site. I changed to a new template and removed most of my older codes and plugins. Several new security features on the backend were added as well to better secure my website.

Hopefully this will close the exploits and deter future hacking attempts. If it occurs again, I will really need to relook into my database integrity. For now this seems to be the best solution which allows me to better respond to any hacking.

There are still some minor issues and testing required to get everything running as it should but it’s not critical at the moment, so I’m pushing the website back online first.

Took a while to setup everything again but it’s good to get the website back online again! 🙂