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There is a noticeable slow down of pace of updates here. Partly due to all the stuff besides photography that I’m busy with and partly due to my tighter quality control over my own work. For this shot I actually process two different black and white version and I still cannot really decided which one I like best. Finally decided to go with the blown out sky to draw the focus on the geometry of this shot.

I remembered I was very unprepared for this shoot as I was asked last minute to do it. The weather was a killer. Sweating all over by the time I was done shooting the MBS. In the end I’m glad Proud asked me to shoot the MBS. It was all worth it in the end, seeing my shot used as an ad for ADEX 2011, printed on a large banner that was displayed at MIDE and I even kept a flyer for keepsake. Amazing DI work by Proud. Since there was no way I could make my shot as nice as the edited version in colour, I did it in black and white.

*bonus* here is how the ad looks like