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Urban Sunsets

By 6 August 2011Blog, Landscapes

It has been a crazy and tiring week between juggling a few things such as finalising some stuff for AG, working through my backlog of RAW files (only left with last week fireworks shots), crashing oweek and coming up with a proposal for the upcoming nusps elections. School is starting soon and it’s always unpredictable every sem, like how the modules will turn out to be like. Hopefully it will be a great sem, seeing how it went quite well last sem. Most importantly I hope I will continue to have time for things that I love doing.

This time the photo featured is not too far back in the archives, taken on 1st August. I went back to this spot again to try to get a better shot (check out for the alternate view at this spot). I was early and as the sun was setting I managed to catch a glimpse of the sun through the clouds. The clouds formations were beautiful that day which helped to spread the light and the light breeze combined to produce this beautiful sky seen in this long exposure shot. Even though this was not the best place to view the sunset on that day, it was still a beautiful moment to behold.