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It has been a while since I updated over here but while it’s all quiet over here, my passion for photography has been churning along. Since the last Vietnam trip, I have been on the Crossing Bridges 9 trip to Malaysia and it was an awesome experience and I have just finished selecting and editing the photos, will probably write down my thoughts on that at a later time.

I have finally relinquish my position in the Photographic Society of NUS as well and perhaps it really time to seriously work on my Nepal book and get it done. It’s like taking forever and I finally appreciate the difficulty in producing a book.

This photo won 1st prize for the Jurong Lake Run photography competition and I was really very surprised at the results as I was definitely not expecting to win at all. The photo was taken with a GoPro camera, non HD version and I could not even see what I had shot until I was back home. Reviewing the photo, the composition was definitely not ideal and the sky was blown and it does not look like a winning shot to me on technical merits. I thought the other photo that I have sent in was a much stronger photo and stood a better chance than this one. It’s kinda interesting because the winning shot from the NUS libraries photography competition which I judged and the youth winner of Montage 2012 were photographs that were not taken by DSLRs. Goes to show that it’s not necessary to have a DSLR to take winning shots.

I reviewed my photo after the announcement and thought about the reasons why the judges chose my photo as the winning shot and I could only come up with the following possible reasons. It was in black and white which stood out from the other colour photographs and perhaps my photograph connected on an emotional level. I was part of the run, running with the GoPro at the back of my head and having fun running and photographing at the same time. If you are on my facebook, check out my “Adventures with the GoPro” album, so much fun really. Really glad that I won though as the prize money will go towards the next air ticket. 🙂