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Travel Photography Tips

By 11 October 2012March 1st, 2013Blog, Travel

I met Boon Chin, one of the founders for Ubersnap a few months ago and he approached me to write an article for Ubersnap. I decided to write on travel photography and the article has just been published over here: Travel Photography Tips: When in Doubt, Do What You Love

The article is replicated below so you can choose to read it here or head over to check it out at Ubersnap. So here are the top five tips for travel photography that I have learnt along the way and I hope this will help you make better travel photographs during your next overseas trip.

Love. You must love travel and photography. Travel is not easy at times with all the planning, packing and even last minutes changes. Things are constantly in a state of change during your travels and it can get tiring at times. Once I started to accept that it’s all part of the travel experience and let my passion for photography guide me, I began to see much more photographic opportunities during my travels.

Variety. On my first travel photography assignment, I was taught the importance of having a variety of photographs. Take wide angle shots of the landscape, normal shots of the people and their daily life and close up shots of their unique items. A good variety of photographs helps to paint a complete picture of the place and gives the viewer a better sense of the place.

Explore. Stop worrying about getting lost and explore the place. Trust your own gut feeling and let it guide you. Explore the place, connect with people and your experiences will become personal stories which give your photographs an additional depth. As you explore more, you increase your chances of finding a great photographic opportunity.

Wait. There is always a tendency to travel fast and cover as many places as possible due to the limited number of days in our travels. Patience while on travels is so much harder to achieve yet for those who wait, they will often be rewarded with great photography opportunities. Wait for the light to be right, wait for the moment to happen and your image will stand out from those who lack the patience to take a second look at the scene.

Fun. Have lots of fun while travelling! Travel and photography is meant to be a rewarding experience and the more fun you have during your travels, the better your photographs will be! Having fun also means that regardless of the quality of the photographs, you will still have all the wonderful memories and stories of your travels!