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By 24 December 2011Blog, Landscapes

This photo was taken shortly before I left for my 17 days solo backpacking/trekking trip to Nepal on 2nd December. It’s a pity that in future this vantage viewpoint will become a part of history as the blocks of buildings are pending to be demolished to make way the upcoming¬†North-South Expressway.

Even though I’m back from my trip, progress on my photos has been slower than expected, with my E6 rolls only expected to be ready for collection earliest next thursday and I still need to scan it. My black and white film are all fully developed but I only managed to scan and edited half of all the negatives. I must admit my body took quite a beating over the days in Nepal and I am still not fully recovered. Hopefully I am close to full recovery and can start working on writing my experiences in Nepal and finish the selection of photos. For the digital side, colour calibration has been the biggest headache. The image from my camera lcd screen is the one that I want as my final image but yet comparing the photo on two different laptops each shows a different colour rendering even though the same jpeg file is used. My current laptop was calibrated with Spyder3 yet I feel it’s still not quite accurate. Sometimes I wish this kind of things was so much easier. What you see is what you get.

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