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Lim Chu Kang Instawalk

Exploring Lim Chu Kang Farms

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I got the rare opportunity to join TheSmartLocal and MND on a instawalk in Lim Chu Kang area to explore an egg, vegetable and fish farms. It was a great photography opportunity as access into the farms were not normally open to public. It was also insightful to learn more about the farming scene in Singapore and how Singapore farmers are making use of technology to overcome limitations of space in Singapore. Some interesting implementation were vertical farming and machine automation. As the saying goes, innovate or die.

Added a new gallery slider to this post and all the photos were taken by my iphone 5s which probably go into retirement soon as I have plans to get the new iphone 7 plus. The iphone 5s has been a great servant over the past 3 years and has helped me to make many photographs that I personally enjoyed.

Till the next photowalk. #exploresingapore #iwalklimchukang

National Gallery Preview KenChuaPhoto

National Gallery Singapore Preview

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National Gallery Preview

I had the chance to visit the National Gallery on 14th Nov thanks to the collaboration with the Singapore Instagram community, 10 days before the official opening on 24th Nov to take explore and take photos. The exclusive preview and freedom to walk around without the massive crowds felt really great!

Also the National Gallery will be free entry for Singaporeans even after the opening celebrations and definitely it will be a place to revisit due to the lovely architecture of both the Old Supreme Court and City Hall buildings. The way the light shines through, it allows us to capture interesting photographs. In instagrammers lingo, the National Gallery had plenty of “instagram worthy” shots.

I spent about 2 hours exploring the place and there were still many things that I was not able to explore. I will recommend taking at least half a day to slowly appreciate all the artworks, installation and architecture of the place.

Looking forward to be back again during the opening celebration weekend!


when in doubt

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It’s been too long since I last took my camera out for a shoot and I decided to take a break from other things that I was doing and go for a sunset shoot. I was feeling a bit jaded prior to this and I needed to find my mojo back. Been wanting to go to Labrador Park for the longest time but it was not low tide at sunset. I went to Gardens by the Bay East instead via the Marina Barrage route and it was quite a walking distance under the blistering heat.

The sunset was beautiful which made me fell in love with photographing the beauty of nature again, it’s hard to explain why I get so much inner peace when I’m out photographing. Perhaps it’s the constant appreciation of all things that have to come into place when I get a beautiful sunrise/sunset. This was one of the rare times I did not get to experience blue hour as the sunset afterglow kept lingering which turned the sky pinkish. It was a sight to behold. Thankful that I was able to witness and capture it on camera. The view here might have been shot many times by other photographers but to me it doesn’t matter because the light is different everytime and more importantly this is my own personal take on this scene. For those who are sitting in front of their laptops and looking at photos like this and thinking that it’s over-shot and deciding not to go out and shoot, I rather “f/8 and be there” as opposed to missing out all the potential beautiful sunrises/sunsets.

When in doubt, do what you love.

iLight 2012

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This is an long overdue post, been wanting to post this a few days back but many things have happen since and I’m not sure what I should write about. iLight 2012 was amazing, glad that I went in the end to shoot and I realised that you will definitely need more than a day to really appreciate and shoot finish all the amazing light installations.

Enjoyed myself and the sunset was great as well, thankfully I did better this time after learning from the mistakes I made at Henderson Waves and I chose to feature this photograph from all the rest because even though this is still not the perfect shot, I enjoyed how much it speaks to me. This is the first time I am back here to shoot this view with my wide angle as previously I had to rely on my kit lens 18mm for landscapes shots. Seeing the CBD area at 10mm view for the first time was amazing. I wished the waters were smoother but I did not go for a longer exposure as I wanted to retain the nice details in the sky instead of smoothing the sky out. The sunset was perfectly on the right side which gives the photo an illusion of 2 worlds split into half in the center of the photo and I really liked that a lot. To me the photo has a great sense of duality which I feel that portrays the struggles that I go through a lot. For example do I want to be spending my time during sunset in the CDB office or do I want to be watching the sunset together with my camera? So which side will triumph over the other in the end?

This website is coming to a year now and I’m glad I started this which made me shoot more and subsequently reaping the rewards from photography, hopefully in the coming months, I will be able to shoot even more. 2012 will be an pivotal year to me and let’s see how things go.



Elusive Lights

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My initial plan was to capture this view at blue hour. However, the size of the crowd at marina bay area made me realised that NDP rehearsals have started. It was too late to change my plans and I went ahead to find the spot for this view, hoping that the flyer was not under blockade. There were several other photographers around the flyer when I reached. This is one of the rare occasions that I am shooting near other photographers. As the light begins to turn dark, it became clear that they were here to shoot fireworks, judging from their arsenal of black cards and remote triggers.

I was excited at the opportunity to shoot fireworks. Unfortunately I did not know where the fireworks would appear from, the time they would be fired off and I did not have a black card. All I could do was wait and hope for the best.

The fireworks came fast and furious and the margin of error was so small! It was a good experience thou and I began to appreciate why people love to shoot fireworks, challenging yet rewarding. Out of the 20 plus shots that I have of the fireworks, this is the only one shot that “made” it. I struggled with this image for quite some time in the digital darkroom, changing my mind about the framing and the processing style. Finally, this is the final image. Lucky day 🙂


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There is a noticeable slow down of pace of updates here. Partly due to all the stuff besides photography that I’m busy with and partly due to my tighter quality control over my own work. For this shot I actually process two different black and white version and I still cannot really decided which one I like best. Finally decided to go with the blown out sky to draw the focus on the geometry of this shot.

I remembered I was very unprepared for this shoot as I was asked last minute to do it. The weather was a killer. Sweating all over by the time I was done shooting the MBS. In the end I’m glad Proud asked me to shoot the MBS. It was all worth it in the end, seeing my shot used as an ad for ADEX 2011, printed on a large banner that was displayed at MIDE and I even kept a flyer for keepsake. Amazing DI work by Proud. Since there was no way I could make my shot as nice as the edited version in colour, I did it in black and white.

*bonus* here is how the ad looks like

Order in Chaos

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I must admit, I had a hard time choosing the photo for this post. I initially wanted to post a landscape photo since the previous post was a black and white photograph. Today my website hit 1,000 unique singapore visitors on my website so this post has a significant importance. Ultimately I decided on this photo as it reflects a great deal of my feelings for the week.

I love shooting in Chinatown, the streets, the buidings and the people excites me as there are so many possibilities waiting around each and every corner. This shot was taken somewhere in Chinatown 🙂

I usually prefer to keep things simple in my photographs and when I first saw this scene I was overwhelmed by the chaos of it. As luck would have it, this man came into the picture and in that instant, I found order in the chaos (by concentrating on his presence in the sea of chaos). I guess that applies to life as well, with all the chaos that is around us all the time, perhaps all we need is a single point of focus to help us find order.

Before it turns dark

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What a week! Arts camp, seeing my work published in The Read, winning a pair of air tickets, the success of project strangers to friends, attending gupson on2 intro and finally hanging out with the crew. Tiring but fulfilling week!

It took me a while to find a this place to shoot Lau Pa Sat Market. When I finally decided on the spot, I must admit I thought there’s a high chance that this shot will not go public. The distance between the shooting location and the buildings meant that barrel distortion would be very obvious. The lack of a wide angle lens meant that I use the panorama method in order to get the image that I had in mind. The ledge also hindered the panning process, coupled with my many failed attempts to capture the light trails that I wanted, I thought it would be hard to combine three frames as the light was dying fast.

As expected, the distortion was a pain in the ass to correct and I  cannot remember spending so much time on restitching and restitching correcting the distortion. There is still imperfections in this final shot but more importantly this shot is a reminder that light is beautiful.