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Before it turns dark

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What a week! Arts camp, seeing my work published in The Read, winning a pair of air tickets, the success of project strangers to friends, attending gupson on2 intro and finally hanging out with the crew. Tiring but fulfilling week!

It took me a while to find a this place to shoot Lau Pa Sat Market. When I finally decided on the spot, I must admit I thought there’s a high chance that this shot will not go public. The distance between the shooting location and the buildings meant that barrel distortion would be very obvious. The lack of a wide angle lens meant that I use the panorama method in order to get the image that I had in mind. The ledge also hindered the panning process, coupled with my many failed attempts to capture the light trails that I wanted, I thought it would be hard to combine three frames as the light was dying fast.

As expected, the distortion was a pain in the ass to correct and I  cannot remember spending so much time on restitching and restitching correcting the distortion. There is still imperfections in this final shot but more importantly this shot is a reminder that light is beautiful.

Adrenalin Rush

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There are times when I fear that I no longer get inspired by the scene that I see in front of my eyes. The fear that I will run out of ideas, the fear that I cannot translate the image I had envisioned in my mind into an image on the computer. Everytime I go to a new place to shoot, there’s also the niggling fear that elements that I cannot control like the weather will not come together in favour for me. With fear, there is hope and hope is what drives me even more to keep shooting. I hope that the weather will be good, I hope that I can find the best vantage point. It’s like light and darkness, they are complements and can coexists. It like how a good photograph should be like, the balance between light and shadows.

Back to talking about this shot. I love Chinatown. Honestly. Wonderful place to shoot. I could explore the whole stretch of Chinatown and be constantly inspired by the people, sights and buildings. I was at the top floor of a building in Chinatown preparing for the blue hour shoot and I realised that the roof access door was unlocked. Curiosity took over and I headed up to check out the roof top view. It was breathtaking. After the initial euphoria from the amazing view, fear started to take over. My feet were literally trembling with fear. This was my closest encounter to death. I didn’t have any safety harness attached, I had all my equipment with me which could trip me, the fear that someone could lock the door and I will stuck on top. My first thoughts was to turn back and not risk it. The other side of my mind was screaming for me to take out my camera and shoot it. There was so much adrenalin rushing through my veins at that point in time. I’m glad I did take a shoot in the end. This image will always remind me of the feeling I felt when I was up there. Crazy times. Just look at the narrow pathway that I had to walk across to reach this spot!