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Virgin Voter

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General Elections 2011 was the first time I was able to vote and being a once in 5 years event, I wanted to get involved. The nomination centre for my GRC was merely 5 mins walk away from my house, thus I decided to take a look. I was shocked upon my arrival to see the amount of PAP supporters/volunteers/activists/members that were packed inside the school compound. The whole canteen and the parade square were filled with people wearing all white. In contrast, opposition parties SDP and WP had barely enough people to fill up one bench.

This shot was taken on nomination day and once I saw the shot I knew how the final image would be like. This image took me a while to complete as I processed other shots that were much straightforward first.

Personally I like how the final image turned out a lot. Let me break down the subtext of each aspect of the image for those that are interested.

  1. Black and White image-Is politics just black and white?
  2. White Background-The context of this man has been removed, unlike a street photograph where we can get a clue of where this man is, this image has none. It looks like a high key studio shot and the man is posing for the shot. I want the viewer to think if this is real candid shot or this a staged shot?
  3. The umbrella he is holding-So it’s raining or it’s sunny?
  4. Eyes-Usually from the eyes we can tell so much about a person, but without the eyes, you need to figure out from the body language and without the eyes, this man could be anyone and he has lost his individuality.
  5. Shirt Colour-When allegiance to politics is shown by shirt colour, the lack of a definite shirt colour makes you wonder which party he supports or does he supports any party?

I hope this explains the image for those looking for answers. However personally, the beauty of this image is the ambiguities that this image evokes.