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7th Ngee Ann Photographic Exhibition

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As I approached the one year mark since the first official post of this photoblog on 8th May 2011, I am truly thankful for all the wonderful opportunities that have come my way and also all the people who have a play a part in helping me to where I’m am today. I am extremely honoured to share with you guys another piece of good news. Two of my photographs have been selected and are currently exhibited at the 7th Ngee Ann Photographic Exhibition 2012. The exhibition is open from 26th April till 7th May, 11am to 7pm daily at 97 Tank Road Teochew Building (Main Exhibition Hall) S(238066) with many other amazing photographic works from other accomplished and talented photographers. Do drop by to check out the exhibition if you are free! My photographs will be made available for sale as well through the exhibition and this is limited to a single print and I will not make any more prints of this two photographs for sale in future. You can get in touch with me at if you wish to enquire more details with regards to the sale of the prints.

Finally went done to see my prints in person on sunday as I wanted to make sure everything was nicely in place before I share about this. The whole process took quite a while, I submitted four photographs and the above two are the ones that got selected. Making the prints was harder than I thought as I went to a well renowned printer but I was not pleased with the print and I had to make another reprint at another shop before I got a print that I was satisfied with. The whole process of this exhibition had me making three trips to Teochew Building and another four trips on different occasions to get my photographs printed. After looking at my exhibited print, I wished that I choose a larger size of 12 x 18 instead of the 10 x 15 as it looked kinda small when placed in the big frame. The exhibition was lovely and the many other photographic works were inspiring as well which gave many insights and things to learn about from. I will definitely strive to get better works exhibited next year and hopefully find buyers who are interested in buying my prints.

I’ve seen a influx of visitors to my website recently but I don’t know who you are, so if you like to get in touch or just say hi to me do drop me an email to as I will really like to get to know more about the people that visits my website. I promise I wont bite 😉