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History on grass

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The padang is a beautiful place which hold many beautiful memories for me. This place always brings back memories of my 3 time participation in the Stan Chart full marathon as this was the end point of the race every year. The exhilaration of finishing a full marathon and the sprint at the final stretch is indescribable.

I manage to loan a Canon 5D + 24-105mm f4 L IS USM which I put it to the test for this shot. The combo was so much heavier as compared to my own and the controls layout took a while to get used to but I still get managed to get the shot. Really like how the shot turned out from the camera and an extra 2mm on the wide end really does makes a bit of a difference for landscapes shots like this. This is really making me consider getting a wide angle lens for myself.

It was a fun experience trying out a different camera and comparing it with my own. It really helps to critically evaluate my own camera gear and the future lenses that I might need to obtain. My Pentax camera has been a joy to use and it’s one of the reasons why I always look forward to bring it out and take photographs.

At the end of the day, the camera is a tool and if you cannot enjoy using the tool, you cannot enjoy photography.