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Lim Chu Kang Instawalk

Exploring Lim Chu Kang Farms

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I got the rare opportunity to join TheSmartLocal and MND on a instawalk in Lim Chu Kang area to explore an egg, vegetable and fish farms. It was a great photography opportunity as access into the farms were not normally open to public. It was also insightful to learn more about the farming scene in Singapore and how Singapore farmers are making use of technology to overcome limitations of space in Singapore. Some interesting implementation were vertical farming and machine automation. As the saying goes, innovate or die.

Added a new gallery slider to this post and all the photos were taken by my iphone 5s which probably go into retirement soon as I have plans to get the new iphone 7 plus. The iphone 5s has been a great servant over the past 3 years and has helped me to make many photographs that I personally enjoyed.

Till the next photowalk. #exploresingapore #iwalklimchukang

Keep Shooting

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I think there is a myth that every single shot that I take is a good shot or that every photo outing that I go gives me a great sunset/sunrise. The truth is that it does not work that way!

I was out for a sunrise shoot yesterday and I’m still contemplating whether to show the photos as the sunrise was not ideal and I was not particularly pleased with my shots. Sometimes it’s days like this that I question myself why I’m doing this instead of sleeping in my bed. Most people care about the results and I do care about the results I get too. It’s frustrating to show up and not get rewarded with anything. Things doesn’t go your way all the time. This is a fact of life.

This shot was taken last friday at Lim Chu Kang Jetty and it was frustrating as well because the sunset was beautiful yet I was unable to take more photos because of security reasons. Thankfully I still had this photo at least, the only one with the sunset view that I could keep.

So why do I keep going? Do I know for certain I will get a good shot each time I go out? Honestly I dont. I keep going because I know that if I don’t, I will never get a good photograph for sure. However if I go, I know there’s a chance of getting a beautiful sunrise or sunset and be able to make a great photograph in return. If you know for sure that there is going to be Aces in a deck of cards and great sunrises or sunsets in a year, will you keep flipping those cards until you get an ace or keep chasing the light until you get a good sunrise/sunset? I will. That’s what keeps me going.

I want to share with you, whatever you are doing in life or if you are facing lots of obstacles in pursuing your dreams and goals, keep going. Keep flipping those cards. Keep shooting. Never quit!