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Before it turns dark

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What a week! Arts camp, seeing my work published in The Read, winning a pair of air tickets, the success of project strangers to friends, attending gupson on2 intro and finally hanging out with the crew. Tiring but fulfilling week!

It took me a while to find a this place to shoot Lau Pa Sat Market. When I finally decided on the spot, I must admit I thought there’s a high chance that this shot will not go public. The distance between the shooting location and the buildings meant that barrel distortion would be very obvious. The lack of a wide angle lens meant that I use the panorama method in order to get the image that I had in mind. The ledge also hindered the panning process, coupled with my many failed attempts to capture the light trails that I wanted, I thought it would be hard to combine three frames as the light was dying fast.

As expected, the distortion was a pain in the ass to correct and I  cannot remember spending so much time on restitching and restitching correcting the distortion. There is still imperfections in this final shot but more importantly this shot is a reminder that light is beautiful.

Inspired in Brisbane

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I remembered peering out of the airplane window upon landing and thinking to myself, this looks like a total opposite of Singapore. Stepping out into the airport terminal at around 12 plus midnight, it was like the city was deep in slumber and I was an unannounced visitor, slipping pass the immigration gates. Together with my 2 travel buddies, we went to pick up our rented car for this trip. The feeling of cold emptiness persisted throughout the ride, as once again my eyes were greets by sights of darkness and empty streets.

Upon reaching our accommodation at around 2.30am, I was restless despite the lack of sleep and was eager to explore the streets even thou there was a light drizzle. It was a Sunday night, Boxing day, and the streets were empty save for a few partygoers who have decided that it was the end of their night. After getting some drinks and a local sim card from 7-11, I was back to exploring the streets. I ended up on Chinatown and right behind me was this beautiful scene that stopped me in my tracks. I was truly amazed by the peace and tranquility I felt despite being tired and cold.

Sometimes it’s not about getting the perfect shot, it’s about trying to capture the feeling of the place. Whenever I look back at this photograph, despite the fact that this was a photograph with imperfections, yet I always get transported back in time to the feeling of being at that street in Brisbane, under the light drizzling rain, feeling cold, tired, a sense of cold emptiness and the peaceful silence of the night accompanying my first encounter of Brisbane.

The rest of the trip was a total different story but that is a story best told in person. 😉