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The Best Camera

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I think Chase Jarvis is the most vocal proponent of the phrase “The best camera is the one that’s with you ” and more often than not, I wished I bring my DSLR out more often. With all the new technology and cameras coming out this year, posting about this acts as reminder to myself that the best camera is truly the one that’s with you and not the one that I wish to have/buy.

This image was taken on the first day of chinese new year which I considered as an auspicious sign for my photography. I was out with my family and as we had some spare time before our family lunch at my uncle house, we decided to roam around the toa payoh area first. I was admiring this particular block of flats and I wanted to take a reference picture so that I could return and take it with my DSLR. I took a few different frames (such as horizontal vs vertical) as my sketch images and finally I decided on this composition. The first shot I took, the framing was slightly off as I tilted slightly while taking the photo. So I decided to retake the photo again. At the moment I pressed the shutter, a bird flew into the frame from the left and the shutter lag resulted in the image that you see above. Henri Cartier-Bresson talks about the decisive moment and this was perhaps my only “decisive moment” shot. In a way, I was really lucky. Right place, right time with a camera in hand. This image was taken with my Nokia C6-01 handphone camera.

Lastly I will like to share this video interview of Mary Ellen Mark. It was my first time seeing her works and hearing about her thoughts about photography. In under 4 minutes, I felt that she has succinctly summarised her key thoughts with regards to photography. Highly inspirational. Check it out at