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Elusive Lights

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My initial plan was to capture this view at blue hour. However, the size of the crowd at marina bay area made me realised that NDP rehearsals have started. It was too late to change my plans and I went ahead to find the spot for this view, hoping that the flyer was not under blockade. There were several other photographers around the flyer when I reached. This is one of the rare occasions that I am shooting near other photographers. As the light begins to turn dark, it became clear that they were here to shoot fireworks, judging from their arsenal of black cards and remote triggers.

I was excited at the opportunity to shoot fireworks. Unfortunately I did not know where the fireworks would appear from, the time they would be fired off and I did not have a black card. All I could do was wait and hope for the best.

The fireworks came fast and furious and the margin of error was so small! It was a good experience thou and I began to appreciate why people love to shoot fireworks, challenging yet rewarding. Out of the 20 plus shots that I have of the fireworks, this is the only one shot that “made” it. I struggled with this image for quite some time in the digital darkroom, changing my mind about the framing and the processing style. Finally, this is the final image. Lucky day 🙂