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As an intern at Asian Geographic, I never dreamt that I would follow the company on a paid trip to Cebu. It was an amazing and refreshing experience and I came back with new perspectives and vision for my photography. One of the many things that inspired me on the trip was seeing “dreamscapes”. Landscapes that looked like it came out of a dream world. On the Manila to Cebu flight, the flight timing of 5am in the morning coincided with the sunrise timing. It was a sight to behold witnessing the majestic fiery red glow of the sun rising over the horizon, over mountain heads and the ocean. It was my first time witnessing such marvel on a plane flight and I’m glad for the opportunity.

This shot was taken from the plane window which was not the most ideal way to take a shot but since that was going to be the only way or not shooting at all, it was an easy choice to make. Beautiful landscape to me and this photograph will always serve as a form of memory to me. Enjoy. 🙂