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On the Streets

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A while back I was at a focus group discussion for photographers and I was stumped by this particular question “What makes a perfect photograph?” As I listen to the rest of the response such as “Sharpness” “Composition” “Nice Colours” “Good Exposure” etc. I still did not have an answer of my own. To me every time I look at my own photographs, I’m never satisfied with my results. I think because of that I keep trying to shoot more and get better results. Perhaps I never find out the answer to this question even till the day I die. One thing for sure, I will keep on shooting until I die. Writing and photography are the two medium that I use to record my memories, because someday my brain will start to forget it all.

Today I’m featuring a black and white street shot from Chinatown. The picture pretty much stands on it’s own without further elaboration. I like the context for this shot thou I’m not sure if most people would get it. Try walking along the streets of Chinatown, many surprises to be found. 🙂

Urban Beauty

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There has been a lack of updates as I was away on vacation to Cebu. Finally back and time to post more photos from my library. Here’s yet another photo of Chinatown taken a while back during the beautiful blue hour. As you know I’m a big fan of Chinatown as there is so many things to capture. Blue hour is when the city of chinatown lights come to life and the delicate balance between the lights of the city and the deep blue sky come together to create a beautiful sight missed by many people. The sacrifice one has to make like having late dinners is in my opinion well worth it.

Sometimes I get the sense that people get tired of seeing blue hour shots, kinda like sunrise/sunset shots that have become common with the proliferation of the internet. Personally I feel that I never get tired of seeing such pictures as there’s always something different about the shot. The sky is ever changing and each time we see it, it’s always a different sky. The tonality of the sky is always different, the hue of the sky, the intricate pattern of the clouds and the colours of the sky are always different which makes it interesting for me to see.

P.S I realised the photograph colour looks much darker on MAC so turn up the brightness level of the screen.

Adrenalin Rush

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There are times when I fear that I no longer get inspired by the scene that I see in front of my eyes. The fear that I will run out of ideas, the fear that I cannot translate the image I had envisioned in my mind into an image on the computer. Everytime I go to a new place to shoot, there’s also the niggling fear that elements that I cannot control like the weather will not come together in favour for me. With fear, there is hope and hope is what drives me even more to keep shooting. I hope that the weather will be good, I hope that I can find the best vantage point. It’s like light and darkness, they are complements and can coexists. It like how a good photograph should be like, the balance between light and shadows.

Back to talking about this shot. I love Chinatown. Honestly. Wonderful place to shoot. I could explore the whole stretch of Chinatown and be constantly inspired by the people, sights and buildings. I was at the top floor of a building in Chinatown preparing for the blue hour shoot and I realised that the roof access door was unlocked. Curiosity took over and I headed up to check out the roof top view. It was breathtaking. After the initial euphoria from the amazing view, fear started to take over. My feet were literally trembling with fear. This was my closest encounter to death. I didn’t have any safety harness attached, I had all my equipment with me which could trip me, the fear that someone could lock the door and I will stuck on top. My first thoughts was to turn back and not risk it. The other side of my mind was screaming for me to take out my camera and shoot it. There was so much adrenalin rushing through my veins at that point in time. I’m glad I did take a shoot in the end. This image will always remind me of the feeling I felt when I was up there. Crazy times. Just look at the narrow pathway that I had to walk across to reach this spot!