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Vesak Day

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I decided to shoot the Buddha Relic Tooth Temple as it was Vesak Day few days ago. The Buddha Relic Tooth Temple is an amazing architecture and I hope my photo does justice to it. I remembered visiting the inside of the temple before and it was amazing to see the details and statues. I’m not a particularly religious person but there was a sense of peace when I step inside. As a chinese, I see it as part of my culture and heritage. If you are a tourist visiting Singapore, I highly recommend paying a visit to the temple.

Since there is not much back story to tell about this shot, I shall talk a bit on the post processing of this photo. This took me way longer than expected as compared to my usual 5 minutes work as I somehow got a strange green colour cast which could not be rectified by shifting the “green” slider or adjusting the white balance. The colour was uneven with most part of it affecting the blue sky. After playing around with quick fixes in Photoshop, it still did not work out and I had to separate the sky and the building and make the colour cast correction on the sky only using layers. This took quite a while and the flare spot on the temple I was unable to remove it. 🙁