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Before it turns dark

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What a week! Arts camp, seeing my work published in The Read, winning a pair of air tickets, the success of project strangers to friends, attending gupson on2 intro and finally hanging out with the crew. Tiring but fulfilling week!

It took me a while to find a this place to shoot Lau Pa Sat Market. When I finally decided on the spot, I must admit I thought there’s a high chance that this shot will not go public. The distance between the shooting location and the buildings meant that barrel distortion would be very obvious. The lack of a wide angle lens meant that I use the panorama method in order to get the image that I had in mind. The ledge also hindered the panning process, coupled with my many failed attempts to capture the light trails that I wanted, I thought it would be hard to combine three frames as the light was dying fast.

As expected, the distortion was a pain in the ass to correct and I  cannot remember spending so much time on restitching and restitching correcting the distortion. There is still imperfections in this final shot but more importantly this shot is a reminder that light is beautiful.

Square Crop

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I remembered heading in the opposite (wrong) direction to reach this location and because of my mistake, I wasted valuable preparation time. I was running when I realised I was going to be late for blue hour and was sweating by the time I reached. The sunset afterglow was amazing on this day and I was teased by nature for choosing the wrong shooting location for the day. From this building, I was only able to catch a tiny glimpse of the sunset afterglow located at the opposite side of the building.

I’m not sure if anyone noticed, I’m a big fan of the square crop (medium format photography) and I will always try to incorporate a square crop whenever the composition is suited for it. There is a certain sense of harmony in a square as compared to the standard rectangle and the rule of thirds. I really like how this landscape shot turned out in square and the harmony of the elements inside a square crop. Hope you guys enjoy this. 🙂

Urban Beauty

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There has been a lack of updates as I was away on vacation to Cebu. Finally back and time to post more photos from my library. Here’s yet another photo of Chinatown taken a while back during the beautiful blue hour. As you know I’m a big fan of Chinatown as there is so many things to capture. Blue hour is when the city of chinatown lights come to life and the delicate balance between the lights of the city and the deep blue sky come together to create a beautiful sight missed by many people. The sacrifice one has to make like having late dinners is in my opinion well worth it.

Sometimes I get the sense that people get tired of seeing blue hour shots, kinda like sunrise/sunset shots that have become common with the proliferation of the internet. Personally I feel that I never get tired of seeing such pictures as there’s always something different about the shot. The sky is ever changing and each time we see it, it’s always a different sky. The tonality of the sky is always different, the hue of the sky, the intricate pattern of the clouds and the colours of the sky are always different which makes it interesting for me to see.

P.S I realised the photograph colour looks much darker on MAC so turn up the brightness level of the screen.

Blue Hour Beauty

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This was taken quite a while back (check flickr for exact date) on one of the most beautiful blue hour that I had witnessed. This photo was sitting in my lightroom library unprocessed until recently when I revisited the folder looking for potential photographs to showcase on this website. Since this shoot, I have been on quite a few blue hour ‘hunts’ but I have not gotten any that came close to this beautiful shade of blue.

I guess this particular day was the start of my blue hour inspiration and my desire to witness such beauty again. I think the colour blue has a calming effect of the blue colour and it brings out the beauty of the subject. Guess I should take my portraits under a blue background.

I think it’s a pity that most people miss the blue hour everyday as it happens during 7.15pm-7.30pm where we are either on our way back home from work or having our dinner. So look up the sky once in a while and at times, you might just be amazed at the sight. 🙂

P.S I realised the photograph colour looks much darker on MAC so turn up the brightness level of the screen.