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Monochrome Landscapes

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Sunset at Lower Pierce Reservoir was great yesterday (3rd May 2012). It was a sight to behold and after a day of rushing to different places all around it was great to be rewarded with the beauty of mother nature. It’s always interesting to visit a new location for photography as there are many unknown factors. I met a large format user who was there earlier than me, which means I was not able to move as freely as I wanted around the shooting area. The tide was high and most of the rocks were not very stable which made trying to isolate a single rock hard. I almost lost my balance at one point in time. Took off my shoes and empty my pocket after that in case and thankfully no more such close shaves. I was also using a new tripod and trying out the hitech 3 stops GND filter for the first time. In a way, you could say that I was not well prepared for the sunset.

With so many things to get familiarise with, I was also trying out what Yadi Yasin has taught during the talk and to take a few frames and move on for more angles. I kept forgetting to take landscapes photographs in portrait orientation out of my habit and both Yadi and the Ngee Ann exhibition has hammered home the importance of doing that to me. Hence I was making a conscious effort to challenge myself and compose in portrait format as well.

The results from the sunset pointed out many things that I still need to work on after looking through the photos back at home and interestingly my favourite shot is this (as featured) which is something that is not commonly seen in my landscape work. Landscapes shot in portrait orientation and in black and white. The black and white idea actually came about as I was talking Julian (large format user) and he was shooting the sunset using black and white film. I thought why not I try it out as well during the editing process and it turned out much better than the colour version. Turns out to be what I considered as my best shot of the day and my only keeper.

Enjoyed the sunset, time to chase more of that beautiful light. Light is beautiful!


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There is a noticeable slow down of pace of updates here. Partly due to all the stuff besides photography that I’m busy with and partly due to my tighter quality control over my own work. For this shot I actually process two different black and white version and I still cannot really decided which one I like best. Finally decided to go with the blown out sky to draw the focus on the geometry of this shot.

I remembered I was very unprepared for this shoot as I was asked last minute to do it. The weather was a killer. Sweating all over by the time I was done shooting the MBS. In the end I’m glad Proud asked me to shoot the MBS. It was all worth it in the end, seeing my shot used as an ad for ADEX 2011, printed on a large banner that was displayed at MIDE and I even kept a flyer for keepsake. Amazing DI work by Proud. Since there was no way I could make my shot as nice as the edited version in colour, I did it in black and white.

*bonus* here is how the ad looks like

Order in Chaos

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I must admit, I had a hard time choosing the photo for this post. I initially wanted to post a landscape photo since the previous post was a black and white photograph. Today my website hit 1,000 unique singapore visitors on my website so this post has a significant importance. Ultimately I decided on this photo as it reflects a great deal of my feelings for the week.

I love shooting in Chinatown, the streets, the buidings and the people excites me as there are so many possibilities waiting around each and every corner. This shot was taken somewhere in Chinatown 🙂

I usually prefer to keep things simple in my photographs and when I first saw this scene I was overwhelmed by the chaos of it. As luck would have it, this man came into the picture and in that instant, I found order in the chaos (by concentrating on his presence in the sea of chaos). I guess that applies to life as well, with all the chaos that is around us all the time, perhaps all we need is a single point of focus to help us find order.

On the Streets

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A while back I was at a focus group discussion for photographers and I was stumped by this particular question “What makes a perfect photograph?” As I listen to the rest of the response such as “Sharpness” “Composition” “Nice Colours” “Good Exposure” etc. I still did not have an answer of my own. To me every time I look at my own photographs, I’m never satisfied with my results. I think because of that I keep trying to shoot more and get better results. Perhaps I never find out the answer to this question even till the day I die. One thing for sure, I will keep on shooting until I die. Writing and photography are the two medium that I use to record my memories, because someday my brain will start to forget it all.

Today I’m featuring a black and white street shot from Chinatown. The picture pretty much stands on it’s own without further elaboration. I like the context for this shot thou I’m not sure if most people would get it. Try walking along the streets of Chinatown, many surprises to be found. 🙂