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Adventure at the top

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The feeling of being at the top of benjamin sheares bridge is not easy to describe. It’s like drinking a cocktail of fear, excitement, anticipation and the feeling of awe. Let me first begin by recalling the journey to the top.

The journey was treacherous as the search for the entrance took quite a while and choosing the wrong entrance, I was faced with the horror of being on the opposite of the side I wanted to be, facing 8 lanes of fast moving traffic. The hero in me wanted to cross the bridge and after crossing the first 2 filter lanes, I realised it was foolhardy to try and cross the remaining 6 lanes. I rather live to shoot another day.

Upon finally reaching my intended spot, I realised I was only separated from the traffic by a barrier which would certainly not offer much protection should an out of control car came crashing in. I was in a vulnerable position. I could feel the breeze from the traffic and when heavy vehicles pass, I felt tremors beneath my feet. However the fears were alleviated by the sight that was in front of me. Despite the weather condition not being ideal, seeing the CDB district and MBS from this point of view gave me a new perspective and out of all the shots I have taken, I have chosen the vast array of lights that have in their own way, created a pattern that I have come to admired.