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Urban Beauty

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There has been a lack of updates as I was away on vacation to Cebu. Finally back and time to post more photos from my library. Here’s yet another photo of Chinatown taken a while back during the beautiful blue hour. As you know I’m a big fan of Chinatown as there is so many things to capture. Blue hour is when the city of chinatown lights come to life and the delicate balance between the lights of the city and the deep blue sky come together to create a beautiful sight missed by many people. The sacrifice one has to make like having late dinners is in my opinion well worth it.

Sometimes I get the sense that people get tired of seeing blue hour shots, kinda like sunrise/sunset shots that have become common with the proliferation of the internet. Personally I feel that I never get tired of seeing such pictures as there’s always something different about the shot. The sky is ever changing and each time we see it, it’s always a different sky. The tonality of the sky is always different, the hue of the sky, the intricate pattern of the clouds and the colours of the sky are always different which makes it interesting for me to see.

P.S I realised the photograph colour looks much darker on MAC so turn up the brightness level of the screen.