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There are times when I walked on the streets and I thought to myself, “damn! I should have brought my camera totoday!” These days I try to bring out my camera as much as possible. As the saying goes, “The best camera is the one you have on your hands.” Sometimes great photographic moments  are missed just because you do not have a camera with you. I saw this old rusted bicycle and it looked had it had provided many years of service to it’s owner and yet still standing proud. I gave me a retro feeling like I was back in the 1970s. I knew I had to capture this in black and white.

In the midst of getting my camera ready for the shot, a stray cat came along and climb onto the bicycle and finally decided to rest in the basket. Call it luck or fate, it all came together for me resulting in a shot that I was very pleased with. It would have been perfect if the cat had glance at me, allowing me to capture it’s eyes through the basket but my attempts to attract it attention were in vain. Apparently the comfort of the basket was unrivaled.

Once again I got remind of how street photography is so elusive yet so rewarding, shots like this can never be planned beforehand. As compared to landscapes photography where one can plan the location, check the sunset/sunrise timing and simply wait for the light. If the light is not good, just come back another day to the same place to shoot again. However for street photography it is totally unpredictable! The beauty of street photography, you never know what you end up with everytime.