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Sunset Rocks

By 8 January 2012Blog, Landscapes, Sunsets

This is my first sunset shoot of 2012 and I’m very glad that it was a beautiful sunset. I was near the SAF ferry terminal and I wanted to walk further down to check out the sunrise spot in preparation for the next day morning but decided against it as I felt I would not have enough time to walk back to this spot. Upon reaching here, there were already 2 other photographers capturing the sunset which was spectacular as the reddish sun could be seen in it’s full glory. I reluctantly turned away from the sunset and tried to capture other angles since I did not wanted to fight with them for a spot. Thankfully they left after the sun disappeared behind the horizon and I had the whole place to myself. Found a perfect spot (would have been more perfect if I did not have to soak my legs in the seawater) and waited for the afterglow of the sunset. I was duly rewarded with a beautiful afterglow and I decided to use my wide angle to capture a wider view but the downside was that I did not have any filters for it unlike for my usual kit lens and I was unable to hold the scene in a single frame. Took a few shots at different exposures and prayed that my ailing tripod holds firm and decided I shall do a manual blend in photoshop when I’m home the next day.

This is a manual blend of 2 base frames adjusted into 3 frames and blended into one single frame. This is my first successful attempt at manual blending and actually on closer inspection you can actually see some flaws in the blending.