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Random finds

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Exploration brings discovery

While going on photowalks, sometimes I manage to find other things besides photographs. Who said photowalk are for taking photographs only! At DBS Marina Regatta, I stumbled upon this cool pop up store selling earrings, rings and cufflinks, made using vintage comics!  Lovely concept and it is great to see how old comics can be made new again.  

There were plenty of vintage comics design available from Star Wars, Superheroes, Tintin, Simpsons, Popeye and more but I was naturally attracted to all the Calvin and Hobbes designs. I am a big fan of Calvin and Hobbes as you can probably tell from the homepage of my website. Many of the comic strips by Bill Waterson have inspired me greatly. I was initially spoilt for choice, plus you get choose your own pairing if you do not like the ones that are placed together. I decided to get this pair of cufflinks even though I currently do not wear cuff shirts to work! I wanted it to be a reminder that I must never lose that childlike curiosity and thirst for exploration in future if I continue to stay in the corporate world and the time comes that I have to wear cuff shirts.

The shop name is Nerilia and their facebook page has only 30 likes as of current posting so I think more people should know about it! Check out facebook.com/NeriliaAccessories!

Explore more and who knows what you will find next? 😉

Website Redesign

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Goodbye to the old design

Finally a new look KenChuaPhoto is ready! While I really love the previous design, technology has progressed quite a bit and I can do so much more new things using a new template like being responsive, mobile friendly, online shop, pallarax headers and the list goes on.

Like Singapore, we must embrace the fact that in order to stay relevant with the current trends of society, we either build something new or rebuild something old.

Rebuilding the kenchuaphoto website was a therapeutic process for me, it allowed me to look back in time, the history of what I have done, the memories of the photos I took. I thought about the future as well, where my photography is heading towards and what is the direction that I want for this website. Overall I am pretty satisfied with the outcome.

There should stay be some minor changes and updates yet to be complete so let me know if you spot any bugs or broken links! Thanks!


Last sunrise of 2013

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Some closing thoughts on 2013, it has been a great year with plenty of up and downs. Perhaps there were more downs than ups but I tend to only remember the good times in 2013 so I guess it was a pretty great year for me. Fought many battles in 2013 and while there were some battles that I won, some battles that I lost. I’m sure there will be lots more battles to be fought in 2014.

I have no idea what the future holds in 2014 and how it will be like but all I know is I will continue to fight for things that matters to me and keep the people that matters to me even closer. For my photography, I will be embarking on a personal year long photo project in 2014 and I’m extremely excited to see what happens after it is completed.

Here is a shot from today, the last sunrise of 2013 at the Merlion Park. Going back to my roots in photography, as I have been doing  a few different kind of photography such as iphone, medium format film and grd street in 2013 and sort of neglected landscape photography. It feels good to go back to how I first started my love for photography, even though the weather did not cooperate with me today.

Stay strong. Keep fighting. Kaizen.

Wishing everyone a great year ahead!

Moving Forward

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I promised to share more on Myanmar trip and unfortunately I have been caught up with many other things recently. The Myanmar trip stories are definitely much better heard in person.

Moving forward, this website will continue to remain as it is, though I foresee my updates will be much less frequent as I focus my time on building alessermedia. Do check us out at www.alessermedia.com 🙂

I leave you with one of the best photo that reminds me of the most wonderful time we spend with lovely kids at Inle Lake.

Till the next post!

Another new start

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A new day, a new start for KenChuaPhoto. Ever since this website came to life on 8th May 2011, it has weathered quite a few challenging storms like changing webhost due to a takeover, website hacking (lost count), downtime issues and a massive website design overhaul.

After the most recent server error issue and subsequent website hacking, I’m grateful to announce that the website is now restored (stating the obvious) and will be hosted on a dedicated server which means it will be much faster and more stable with less vulnerabilities.

The featured image is a self portrait that I took during my recent trip to Myanmar, will share more about the trip in my next post!


A new way of seeing

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I think my photography go through phases and my personal photography style, choice of subject matter and post processing technique all seems to evolve as I go through the different phases in life.

I recently acquired a new camera which has been a joy to use and it’s like seeing the world in a new light again every time I go with the camera. I guess that whats makes photography so enjoyable and a hobby that never seems to fade away. There always so much to learn, to explore and to find new images that I can create.


Singapore CBD Pano

Chasing the light

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Chasing the first light can so rewarding and yet so frustrating at times. I rarely wake up for sunrise shoots as the effort required is often the most demanding and you will not always be rewarded in return. I do make it a point to shoot sunrise once in a while when I can and this was my first sunrise in 2013 after a very long time.

The morning serenity is what I particularly enjoy for sunrise shoots. While making photographs, I’m able to contemplate on life and appreciate the beauty of what we have in life. Great moments indeed.

Till the next sunrise shoot 🙂

Orchard Road

Optimising the website

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Transiting to a new website usually take a while for everything to settle in, but have previous experience and better knowledge helps in making the transition less painful.

Hopefully the site is more robust now and I have optimised other aspects such as SEO, page load speed so overall I hope the new site will give a better viewing experience.

While I’m still considering what I can make available for sale under “Store” to help cover the costs of maintaining the website, I hope to be able to announce something concrete soon.

It’s coming to two years now since this site was born (yes renewal bill is coming soon), so proud of this special place and hope to keep shooting and sharing over here.