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Self Critique

By 26 May 2011Blog

This image is mediocre. Alright now that I got your attention, it’s time to explain the reason behind this post. This was planned to be a similar post to previous post but things happened along the way. In case you didn’t know, I divide my free time between shooting sessions, recce sessions, looking at the works of other photographers, reading photography books/articles, doing post processing work on my photos, writing posts for this website, planning and brainstorming for ideas for the direction of my photography and my website.

The past few days leading to this post has been a lot of reflecting which led to this self critique post. I just read finish David duChemin “Within The Frame, The Journey of Photographic Vision” which prompted a lot of thoughts about my photography. Working for AsianGeo has also allowed me to see images that were truly outstanding, some so haunting that you will never forget the photo once you seen it. I’m drawn to images that I can connect with, images that I could sense the vision of the photographer, images that I could feel the mood.

In this respect, whenever I look at this image, I feel that it cannot bring the context to viewers. This shot was taken during my lunch break at work and I always felt it was a great excitement to take the lift to the top floor of a building and see the view that I will get. The shophouses¬† are beautiful architecture but in small Singapore, they could be replaced by more high rise buildings in the future as our population increases. Having explained the rationale behind this shot, did you have similar thoughts when you first saw this image? My guess is no. It’s probably more like a “I was here” shot. What is the mood? It’s not even sombre, not close to cheerful. Nothing. This shot didn’t connect on an emotional level. So what if this shot had no faults in exposure, composition (subjective), white balance? Anyone with a camera could go to the same place and take the same shot. Where’s the ‘wow’ factor?

I need to improve on conveying my vision. A lot.

End of rant.

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