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By 19 August 2011Blog, Landscapes

Maintaining a blog is really not easy, the past week I’ve been wanting to update over here but priorities just had to be rearranged. Writing helps me to organise and clear my mind and keep my focus over the impending tasks. Working on the IFG publicity video in the past few days and it has been shaping up to be quite a nice project. Collaborative work with other talented people really helps to nurture my creative outputs. Looking forward to see the finished product.

The photo is from the archives taken at Changi Beach. I knew that this was a famous spot in Changi Beach but when I went there, I could not find this place and was about to give up. Thankfully, I did not and kept walking based on gut feeling and reach this place after quite a long walk. The relationship between the tree and the rock has lasted for so many years and I wonder how long more will this relationship continue.