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Project: Strangers to Friends

By 23 June 2011Blog

For the longest time I could remember, photos of Arts Camp are always the same kind of shots year after year. I thought it was time for something refreshing and new. A crazy idea came into my mind. What the most important thing about joining arts camp? To me, it was not about the cheering or the games, it was about the friends you make during arts camp. The people.

I made a pitch to the APD Marketing-Hui Ming without revealing much of my idea and asked her to trust and give me total creative control over my project. I got the green light. It was a daunting challenge and honestly I was not sure if I could pull this off.

The first morning, I tried to get as many people as I could to be my “test” subjects in order to present a sample portfolio to present to the O commers in the afternoon. Thanks to them and the successful presentation, I got the green light to finish this project.

I heard there will no longer be a media team for O week 2011 so I hope this will inspire people to do one better, shoot even better shots than me, or have one person per house to shoot their own house or even someone in each og to shoot their own og mates to form their own photo montage in future art camps/o weeks.

To all those who stood in front of my camera and trusted me, THANK YOU!