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one year of kenchuaphoto

By 22 April 2012May 23rd, 2012Blog

Wow, it has been a year since I registered this domain Found out about the exact date because I got the reminder to pay for my domain name and hosting renewal LOL. Yes I paid already so whether you like it or not this website will be here for another year!!! I cant believe a year has passed so fast and even my role in NUSPS is also coming to an end soon šŸ™

Although the first post was only done on 8th May (I went to check my archives) marking the official launch of this website, I feel that celebrating 22 April as the birthday is moreĀ appropriateĀ because it was the moment when I decided to just whack and register and pay for this domain. I can still remember it was quite a big decision for me at that point in time. Had this idea of my own website, thought of a good domain name, after that went to do research and find out how it’s done. Finally signed up and voila got my website. This whole process took a few days and I’m glad that I decided to pull the trigger in the end. šŸ™‚

This website was truly the catalyst to my growth in photography, a year on I still feel I have so much more to learn and improve on but I’m glad that I neverĀ quitĀ and keep walking down the path of photography. In return photography has given me so much rewards, both tangible and intangible plus the joy that I always get when looking at the beautifulĀ sceneries and looking at my photographs which helps me to remember that moment in time. Where do I start? From my experience at Asian Geographic, I’m trulyĀ thankful for the wonderful opportunity and the mentors that I had. Where you find a company who send their intern to Cebu for company trip and let me stay in Shangri-La Hotel, air ticket and hotel room all paid for?!?! After I came back, I was reward with a free Silkair ticket which I made used of it to go to Nepal inĀ December. Seriously where to find such opportunity?! I can’t express the amount of gratitude towards the people at AG especially to John and Jeff.

Following which I stood for NUSPS elections, even though I was gutted that I did not have a challenger, I was extremely happy to be elected nevertheless and working with the rest of the 43rd MC has been a wonderful experience. I learnt so much photography knowledge from the rest which helped me in improving my own photography. Shall not name the names now (will leave that to when I step down). Over the past year, I thankful for the chance to hear and learn from people like Jino Lee@Montage 2011, Geoff Ang+Russell Wong+Tay Kay Chin @SOAP, Alex Soh+Chow Chee Yong @SYPA event, Yadi Yasin+Kevin Lee+Kim Lau+Liew Tong Leng @CS Anniversary, Raymond Phang @VJC Expose, Tristan Yeo @Edgefield Pri. I hope I get more chances to listen and learn from other photographers and I’m definitely looking forward to Montage 2012 and learning from all the great photographers that will be there. šŸ™‚

This post is getting too long and I shall end off by giving a teaser for what’s coming soon. Of course Montage 2012! I will be heavily involved. Check out!!! Things that are confirmed: I will be heading to Hanoi in end June for a photography trip! Super excited! Also will be giving my first public talk at 2 of NLB’s libraries in May (stay tuned for updates!), not sure how it will turn out but I try not to think about it until the time comes. Oh yes lastly my Nepal ebook still in the process of converting written text to word document, hope to finish it soon! (so far about 4,000 words already converted)

To another great year ahead for kenchuaphoto. Cheers!