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On the Streets

By 8 June 2011June 11th, 2011Blog, Street

A while back I was at a focus group discussion for photographers and I was stumped by this particular question “What makes a perfect photograph?” As I listen to the rest of the response such as “Sharpness” “Composition” “Nice Colours” “Good Exposure” etc. I still did not have an answer of my own. To me every time I look at my own photographs, I’m never satisfied with my results. I think because of that I keep trying to shoot more and get better results. Perhaps I never find out the answer to this question even till the day I die. One thing for sure, I will keep on shooting until I die. Writing and photography are the two medium that I use to record my memories, because someday my brain will start to forget it all.

Today I’m featuring a black and white street shot from Chinatown. The picture pretty much stands on it’s own without further elaboration. I like the context for this shot thou I’m not sure if most people would get it. Try walking along the streets of Chinatown, many surprises to be found. 🙂