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By 20 February 2012July 26th, 2012Blog, Street

I submitted this photo for NUSSU travel competition and I realised that I have not shared this photo on my facebook with friends. This is a deeply personal photo for me and everytime I look at this I am reminded of how I felt and how my feelings were changed after I took this photo. I remember reaching Lukla with great joy as it signaled the end of my arduous  trek and I was looking forward to flying back to Kathmandu in the same afternoon. Unfortunately for me, there was no afternoon flights out on that day despite the fact that I was told that I could fly out. I was not in the best of mood and mind at that point in time and I decided that I should make the best of what I got and took out my film camera, wandering the streets of Lukla to clear my mind.

I took it slow and just tried to blend myself in with the local, sitting by the streets and observing the locals. It was a rather quiet day as it was off peak season and trekkers would have reached and left Lukla in the morning. I saw this mother and child coming along the side of the street and the child was just playing around with the mother both a watchful guardian and participant. I raised my camera, framed it and waited for the right moment and took a single shot. After taking the shot, they became aware of my presence and I smiled to them and got a smile back in return and they left. Having shot it on film, I didnt knew how it will turn out but I was really happy at witnessing that intimate mother and child moment and I was a happy man once again, realising that there are so much beauty out there and here I was being negative in my thoughts just because I couldnt fly back to Kathmandu.

Was a SOAP seminar yesterday and it really struck home to me what Russel Wong mentioned about creating things that are timeless. I look at National Geographic and indeed all the covers were timeless photographs and i realised that this is one of  my reasons for shooting film,  to get that timeless feeling from a film image and hoping that someday, i’ll make a single timeless photograph to be on the cover of National Geographic.

Second thing I learnt was really about the business side. Reading about Pentax Ricoh Planning Group Manager interview and their philosophy of only creating a new product if it addresses a gap in the market (i.e the new K-01) and together with the emergence of SOAP (to cater to people who wants to turn professional), I realised that this strategy is something that I need to adopt if I ever decide to start my own business.

Lastly, the glimpse of a professional photographer’s life, thoughts and their amazing works has been a great inspiration and once again i’m inspired to keep pursuing my craft. I shall end this with one of my favourite reply to a photography related question: Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow. – Imogen Cunningham