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Merlion’s 40th Birthday

By 20 September 2012Blog

I was at the last night of celebration for Merlion’s 40th Birthday on Sunday and I was glad that it was not too crowded with people and photographers, unlike shooting national day fireworks.

The first show was a total disaster for me as I didnt expect the fireworks to erupt right at the start of the show and subsequently I missed getting the other two blasts of fireworks in my photos as well. Thankfully the exact same thing will be repeated and I just had to wait for it. The second round was much better for me as I knew the timing of the fireworks and was much better prepared this time round. I got the shot I wanted and instead of heading for dinner, I decided to go to the ground level to get another view for the third show with the possibility of getting a few more photos  at a different angle. It turned out to be one of the better decision I made that night as I left the show with one of my personal favourite photograph as shown above.

Most of the time I have a rough idea on how to shoot the scene when I reach a location.  However I must admit that sometimes the inspiration for a shot happens by chance and this particular image was only made possible by a random stranger who bumped into my tripod while my camera was in the middle of an exposure, resulting in a shaky final image. That shaky image sparked the inspiration for a long exposure panning shot to capture the sense of the party atmosphere of the Merlion’s 40th birthday celebration. I started to get excited with the idea and it took quite a few more shots before I finally got the image I was satisfied with.

Thank you random stranger. If you didnt bump into my tripod, I would not have gotten the inspiration to make this image.

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