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Looking back

By 1 January 2012Blog, Landscapes

Happy New Year! Looking back, 2011 has been an amazing year for me in photography. In 2011, photography has rewarded me with opportunities that I’m very grateful for. In March, I won the NUSPS “Strange World” Competition. It was an important turning point and a breakthrough for me. Despite the fact that the competition was limited to within NUS, it spurred me to learn more and improve my photography and it made me believed that I was actually good in photography. Taking my small collection of images, I went to Asian Geographic (AG) and was rewarded with an internship after an interview with the publisher where I shared about my passion of writing and photography. I was attached to the editorial team was considered as a photographer for AG under the mentorship of  Jeff, the editor and chief photographer of AG travel magazine “Passport”. It was an amazing experience to learn from the team at AG and I was given the opportunity to be the sole official photographer representing AG at iFLY media launch. Following which, I was rewarded with a company trip to Cebu where I was assigned to take photos in preparation for a travel article to be published. More good news followed as I was  placed 2nd amongst the AG photographers in the internal Cebu photo competition. The prize was a Silkair air ticket to anywhere that Silkair flies to. Lastly my time at AG also saw my photo used as an advertisement for ADEX 2012. In my short 3 months at AG, I have learnt a lot and saw my photography grow under the mentorship of Jeff. It was a great internship. Of course not forgetting the birth of this website which took me about a month to finish, fulfilling a personal goal of mine. With everything that I learnt so far, I took it back to NUS and stood for NUSPS elections in August and was elected as the President. Even though after being the President, I did not get to shoot as much, the things that I learnt from the rest of my MC members and the frequent exchange of ideas has helped me to improve the way I view my photography and finally in December after my exams, I redeemed my air ticket and went to Nepal on an amazing 17 days solo trekking/backpacking/photography trip to challenge myself physically, mentally and to put my photography skills to the test.

I shall end this post with a pano shot of the Himalayas mountains taken while I was on my way back down. Looking forward to 2012 and I hope to publish a book on my Nepal trip. Watch out for that!

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