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Long Exposures

By 13 May 2011Blog, Landscapes

Sometimes I wonder whether if it’s the thrill of exploring obscure places or the amazing view that excites me more. I believe both plays a big part in my enjoyment of photography and on friday, I struck gold at this 11th storey carpark! This place was located right in the intersection of Bugis and Suntec providing a great view of Suntec, Shenton Way, Raffles City and the National Library.

I think people who claims that Singapore is boring or have nothing interesting to shoot are not putting in the effort to explore and search for places to shoot. I still have a long list of places waiting for me to shoot and I wonder how long it would take before I complete the list.

I think my photograph didn’t do enough justice to the scene and I definitely will visit this place again another time to get a better shot. Till then!