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By 23 September 2011Blog, Landscapes

I basically neglected my twitter, 500px and flickr account already. I still determined to make sure this site get updates though. I’ was way busier than expected with nusps taking up the bulk of my free time, school work, exams, assignments. I hope I can manage to churn out the articles for my freelance assignment (deadline looming). Time management has not been on my side lately. Hope that this post clears my thoughts a bit better.

Back to the photo, was at Sentosa boardwalk for the first time in the wee morning hours. Kept exploring with a friend and the spirit of adventure led us towards the direction of the sunrise which came up late due to all the clouds. I’m glad we found this place as it was a place that I have not seen before in, although from the tracks it seems that we were definitely not the first photographers to be there. It was not an easy place to shoot and we had to be extremely careful of falling and slipping. The sun was not cooperating and was playing hide and seek behind the clouds. Finally the oncoming drizzle meant that we had to cut short our mini adventure. This final image would not be possible without the input of other fellow friends/photographers. When I first opened this in photoshop, I didnt have an inspiration to present this photo. After showing my first draft image, I took the comments and feedback from others and went to work on improving the shot. The crop was changed, the white balance was changed, the contrast was also changed (among a few other retouching works). Thanks to them, this final image was born. Will probably revisit this place again in future to try again.