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Learning from mistakes

By 28 March 2012Blog, Landscapes

It’s been a while since I updated over here, recent weeks has been nothing short of busy. Taking a short break to plan out my path for upcoming weeks and coming back here to pen down my thoughts. Got the renewal notice recently and realised that this photoblog is coming to a year old now, looking back I really glad this labour of love came through. It took quite a bit of effort to setup everything and I must say it was worth it in the end.

I choose this photo to feature even though I felt this was not my best work, it taught me and made me realised a few things. The sunset was beautiful and I wished I could convey it better in my photographs. Spent quite long on processing this photograph and still could not get it right.

Things that I learnt:
1. my tripod really have to be replaced, the locking mechanism on one of the legs is definitely faulty already.
2. sensor really need a good cleaning. overwhelming dust spots. Should never have taken this for granted and send for cleaning diligently.
3. TianYa GND filter is really low in quality (was in self denial on this fact until now) and I should have not used it. The colour cast and the colour bandings were horrible and gave me a major headache.
4. I need to stop tilting my camera (resulting in the vertical distortion of the buildings) and work harder to find a better composition instead of taking the easy way out.

Henderson Waves was a challenging place to shoot landscape photos but the mistakes that I was making were appalling. Writing this down so that I can remind myself the mistakes I made and make sure that I do not repeat them in future.