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By 19 July 2011Blog, Street

I had a fulfilling week of shooting, tried a new location and new technique for fireworks which did not turn out very well, KTM railway track on sunday was packed with loads of people, making it impossible for me to recreate the image that I had in my mind. Changi Beach left me sweating and almost sunburnt, initial images looks promising and I will need to find time to process them. I wished I stayed longer and took more shots though. Lastly, the sunset on Saturday was amazing even though I did not manage to capture it on camera.

This shot was taken quite a while back while waiting for a friend who turned up rather late. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Walking around once familiar grounds of thomson road, I wandered around and tried to see if there was anything interesting to photograph. This dual danger sign intrigued me and I spent quite some time trying to find an angle to fit the two danger sign into a single frame. It took me quite a few shots, changing my position until I finally got this. I shall leave the interpretation of this shot to you. 🙂