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Internet is Free

By 29 January 2012July 26th, 2012Blog, Landscapes

There’s a lot on my mind and I’m not sure what I should write about actually. Trying to write/design/select photos for a book was way harder than I thought so progress has been slow on that. Just look at how often I update this blog. I was in Chinatown before the Chinese New Year to capture the festive spirit over there and once again I was back at a familiar spot. I remembered mentioning that in March 2011 that I will revisit the place after I got a wide angle. Took me quite a long while to be back and ironically my first time there was a much enjoyable experience. The wide angle lens was giving me problems in vertical orientation due to the weight of the setup and I had to abandon shooting with the tripod. There was another gentleman who came to join me on the same floor and I didnt really like having another person near me when I’m shooting landscapes. This is the first time I took the same angle twice at different dates and it was interesting to compare how i render the scene in terms of composition and also the final shot that I chose as best of the day. Lastly it was a good opportunity to see if I actually made any real improvements in my photography. The photo on the left was taken in Jan 2012 while the right one was taken in March 2011.

I know it’s a bit late to talk about this but I want to share my thoughts on SOPA. I feel that sharing is an integeral part of progress and without all the information found online on the internet, I would not have gained my knowledge on photography, would not have seen beautiful photographs and get inspired by them and the list goes on and on. Copyrights should be protected and enforced. The question is the method use to enforce copyrights. Are you willing to accept drastic measures just to protect powerful individuals/companies copyrights? A recent article that I read highlights the absurdness of the situation. Take a look at my chinatown image for example, do a google search and you will find that many other photographers have taken similar photos before. Is there a case for copyright infringements?

Lastly I will like to end off with a video you should watch if you have the time to understand about copying, transforming and combining. Everything is a Remix by Kirby Ferguson