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By 11 November 2011Blog, Street

It has been a while since I posted over here. There were so many other things that have kept me preoccupied and I need a short break before the exams so I have come back to this place where I can pen down my thoughts and clear my mind.

Shot an event commercially after quite a long time and I was once again reminded of how challenging it is. It’s always is. I always tell potential clients that I’m putting my reputation on the line every single time I take up a job offer. Talking about potential clients, I have started to view potential deals as pure potential until confirmation. Been in too many potential deals only to see them back out, break contact even when we were already in the final stage of negotiations. I’m  just grateful for all the offers that come in and I hope they will continue to come in. Finally submitted my work for the January issue of The Read and thankfully the editor was gracious enough to tolerate my way past deadline submission. Hope it gets published (not counting my eggs before they hatched).

I been spending quite some time experimenting and learning film in the past 2 months (after about 1.5 years without shooting film)  and enjoying the process so far, to go from making the exposure in camera to developing the negative and finally scanning the negative to obtain the final image (where you see it for the first time). It allows me to truly appreciate the amount of effort it takes to produce a single image. I choose this image because this really shows why film is sometimes so rewarding yet so cruel. This was my last shot of the roll and after shooting this, I thought I had the shot. After developing the roll, I realised that the last frame in the roll was only a half frame and the other half frame has already been exposed under sunlight (it was a self rolled film).  This reminds me a quote from Steve Mccurry: “Unlike the writer, once I pack my bags, there is no chance for another draft – either I have the shot or I don’t. This is what drives and haunts the professional photographer, the gnawing sense that ‘this is it’.”

Digital has changed that but for those still shooting film like myself, this is perhaps what we draw satisfaction from.

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