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Festive Spirit

By 21 January 2012July 26th, 2012Blog, Landscapes

I finally went to Chinese Gardens which I wanted to go to for a very long time. I’m quite sure it was my first time there since I cant recall any faint memory of visiting chinese gardens. The weather was not not favourable as it was scorching hot even though it was already about 4.30pm when I reached. Took some time to explore both the Japanese Gardens and Chinese Gardens as they were adjacent to each other.

Perhaps it was the vast variety of subjects and angles that was available to shoot made me lose focus. I couldnt get a good angle for the twin pagodas and being in jeans and shoes meant that I couldnt go in the water which limited me to standard angles. Overall I managed to get more usable shots than usual but I felt the quality were lower. I definitely need to revist Chinese Gardens in future.

I preferred the clouds formation in the shot before this but I realized that there were faint light leaks at the bottom due to my long exposure with the ND106 filter so I chose this shot instead. Should have remembered to cover the viewfinder always (it’s been a while since I shot with the ND106)

Lastly I need to remember to never leave before it turns dark. After the sunset, I was waiting for the afterglow and it did not come and it was dull and gray and I thought to myself it’s not going to be a good one today and left. After leaving as I walk out of the toilet I saw this fiery red illuminating the sky. I silently curse my foolishness and walk back to take photo of the twin pagodas. Unfortunately by the time I finish setting up my tripod, the fiery red sky has died off and I left empty handed.