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By 11 September 2011Blog, Street

I was out for Canon Photomarathon on 10 Sep, the day didnt start off very well, with me oversleeping and having to cab down, reaching at about 6.55am only to see that the sunrise was not going to happen. The past few times that I have been out sunrise hunting, I have not seen a decent sunrise at all and perhaps that is why sunrise are so treasured so much.

Canon Photomarathon with NUSPS people was a great experience in terms of training my creative process and also shooting with limitations. Really glad to have gone in the end, took away much learning experience and I was glad to see that NUSPS had a total of 3 shortlisted entries (that I know of). The quality of all the shots were very good and it was inspiring to see and learn from the ideas of others.

My entry got shortlisted for the theme “Eat” but I still have mixed feelings about this shot. There are many imperfections in this shot regarding composition and the elements in the frame, even thou it is a street photo, I prefer to present it in a cleaner composition. Having said that thou, I find it hard for this shot to fit into the theme. I wanted the old lady to eat something but for the whole time she was sitting at the table, she only had drinks. I’m glad that it still got shortlisted in the end, it’s comforting to know that this image stood out from the other thousands of images. 🙂

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