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By 24 July 2011Blog, Landscapes

This shot practically jumped the queue of all the other shots that I was planning to post. Once again it was another week of fireworks shooting and this time it was at this location. I had some trouble finding this place and thankfully I had plenty of time to spare. Finally found the place and the view was amazing. This will be a great place to come back again in future and enjoy the spectacular view with lesser crowd on normal days. The fireworks displays later at night was even better than the past 2 weeks which totally made up for last week disappointment.

This particular shot was chosen to be featured here despite all the fireworks and blue hour shots that I had because of the amazing clouds formation. It was one of the best that I have seen so far and I hope my shot does enough justice to it. The vertical distortion on the left hand side was unavoidable and I was unable to correct it in photoshop. The image was exposed for a total of 135 seconds in order to get the effects of the clouds movement. 🙂