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Children of Cebu

By 30 June 2011Blog, Street

One of things I love is to observe children, looking at their dressing, their actions, their eyes and how they respond to the people around them. To me, they are mirrors of life and culture of the country. In Cebu I got mixed emotions from seeing them. It was a surreal experience because the city was divided into uptown and downtown. The children from uptown versus downtown  was a totally different sight.

I remembered seeing kids in shabby, dirty, rundown clothing. A T-shirt is all they have, their parents nowhere in sight, leaving them to fend for themselves. This was in stark contrast to uptown children where they were in clean clothing and were smiling most of the time.

I hope this photo is a good representation of all the children in Cebu, no matter uptown or downtown, any children should enjoy the joy of jumping into a river for a swim. I was lucky with the timing of this shot, as I did not have time to change any setting. The girl suddenly ran and jump for it and this was the only shot I had of her in “flight”. The beauty of this photo is that it shows so little yet it says so much.