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2020 Reflections Before It’s Too Late

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Jurgen Klopp’s Christmas message was perhaps the best summary of everything that happened in the past 365 days

2020 was such a special year in the best possible way and in the worst possible way as well.

What a year 2020 has been, the pandemic and lockdown gave me a lot to reflect about, and for better or for worse, I decided to change the course of my life forever before it’s too late. In the process of trying to find what truly matters to me, I ended up looking back at my past photographs and realising that photography is the most important thing in my life. Starting from my trip to Nepal in Dec 2011, exploring the place for the first time and pushing my own body to the limits, the experience became a cornerstone to how I view photography, life and the world.

In the last 10 years of travelling, I’m thankful to have the privilege of going on many memorable trips, which changed how I view life and the world. Travelling has never been a waste of money for me. The experiences, interactions with people, memories are things you cannot put a monetary value to. I hope to travel much more in the next 10 years than the last 10 years, and if we can defeat the pandemic globally soon, then I’m sure this will be an achievable goal.

Ironically it was only just a year ago that I went into a slump for photography, but I rediscovered the joys of photography again, thanks to a Fujifilm Photowalk to try out their new camera. The X-Pro3 is amazing, and after using it for the past few months, I’m convinced it’s the best camera I have ever used in my life so far. Photography has always been deeply personal for me and in order to enjoy and make good photos, I think that you must be able to connect with your gear on a deeper level. You can’t explain the feeling you get from using a different camera and the right one will feel right like no other.

As usual this post took forever to finish writing, but I want to do it to look back on this point in time of my journey in the future. If you ask me 10 years ago if I will ever reach where I am today and experience all that I have experienced so far, I would never have imagined it to be possible. It’s easy to say this when you made it, but I always believe that if you keep pushing forward, you get to where you want to go eventually. This year I made a big decision to venture out on my own again after failing the first time around in 2018, and this time around I finally made it past the first 100 days, which means that there’s no turning back anymore. Thankful for all the bosses and mentors along the way, because without being able to stand on their shoulders and learn from them, I would not have made it so far. No more bosses ever again.

What’s next for Kenchuaphoto?

I was looking at my 2019 reflections post and how much has changed over the course of a year, Liverpool FC and Jurgen Klopp continue to teach me so much life lessons, winning the Premier League after waiting for 30 years, the feelings in that moment are something that words cannot describe.

B.I.T.L (Before it’s too late) will be the main focus of my life moving forward, will continue my weekly photo series with a goal of expanding it into a photobook format, further expansion into a podcast series and also as my branding in finding and helping Singaporean startups and young entrepreneurs to grow their ideas and companies.

Cover photo taken on 31st Dec 2020
Last sunrise of the year at Sembawang Park

2019 Reflections

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It’s been a while since I updated a new post here. Managed to spend some time to make sure that the website gets updated without breaking. Everything still looks the same and I probably will not make any design changes in future. is the longest surviving website that I have kept alive and it still remains important to me even till today.

A short reflection back on 2019 and how it has been a challenging year, where the startup that I was working for failed and left me in limbo with no source of income and at the same time my financial situation was in a bad shape. Tough times don’t last and thankfully I’m in a much better financial situation right now.

Throughout it all, Liverpool FC and Jurgen Klopp has taught me so much life lessons, the comebacks, the passion and eventually winning in the champions league final again. It’s been too long but it’s so good to finally see Liverpool win the champions league again. It was definitely an emotional night to remember.

Some quotes to remember for life:

I lost the last six finals I was in. They were hardly the best days of my life, but they didn’t make me a broken person or whatever. For me, life is about trying again and again. If only the winners were allowed to survive then we’d all have to go. It’s all about experiences and how we use them and what we make of them.

-Jurgen Klopp

We are where we are because of our work ethic and our belief that pretty much anything is possible. That’s the reason we were able to come back from 3–0 down against a great Barcelona team. We didn’t wait for fate to play its hand and hope that it would go in our favour, we forced fate to go our way and not even Lionel Messi, the best player I have ever set eyes on, could stop that.

-Andrew Robertson

One of the best lessons that I learnt and believe strongly in is that it’s not about making a lot of right decisions but life is simply about making more right decisions than wrong ones. We can only hope that at the end we made more right ones than the wrong ones. It will be foolish and futile to expect that we will not make any wrong decisions in life. There were things I wished I could have done better but in the end such is life and here I am again, doing what I know best and has always stuck to, which is to keep moving forward no matter what.

What’s next for Kenchuaphoto?

I had the time to do some reorganisation of my life and decided to focus on two new things in life and still wondering if I ever find back my photography mojo as I have not been taking much photos even though I brought my camera along with me when I’m out. Perhaps it’s just at this stage of life, I want to work on achieving something and when it’s time for exploration again, I think my camera will be back in my hands again because I know I will never stop exploring this beautiful world. The world can take everything away from me but nobody can take my memories away and my photographs are a reminder of all the memories and experiences that I have.

Cover photo taken on 27th Jul 2019
In a world of constant change, the unwavering Merlion continues watching from the same spot.

Lim Chu Kang Instawalk

Exploring Lim Chu Kang Farms

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I got the rare opportunity to join TheSmartLocal and MND on a instawalk in Lim Chu Kang area to explore an egg, vegetable and fish farms. It was a great photography opportunity as access into the farms were not normally open to public. It was also insightful to learn more about the farming scene in Singapore and how Singapore farmers are making use of technology to overcome limitations of space in Singapore. Some interesting implementation were vertical farming and machine automation. As the saying goes, innovate or die.

Added a new gallery slider to this post and all the photos were taken by my iphone 5s which probably go into retirement soon as I have plans to get the new iphone 7 plus. The iphone 5s has been a great servant over the past 3 years and has helped me to make many photographs that I personally enjoyed.

Till the next photowalk. #exploresingapore #iwalklimchukang