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Last sunrise of 2013

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Some closing thoughts on 2013, it has been a great year with plenty of up and downs. Perhaps there were more downs than ups but I tend to only remember the good times in 2013 so I guess it was a pretty great year for me. Fought many battles in 2013 and while there were some battles that I won, some battles that I lost. I’m sure there will be lots more battles to be fought in 2014.

I have no idea what the future holds in 2014 and how it will be like but all I know is I will continue to fight for things that matters to me and keep the people that matters to me even closer. For my photography, I will be embarking on a personal year long photo project in 2014 and I’m extremely excited to see what happens after it is completed.

Here is a shot from today, the last sunrise of 2013 at the Merlion Park. Going back to my roots in photography, as I have been doing  a few different kind of photography such as iphone, medium format film and grd street in 2013 and sort of neglected landscape photography. It feels good to go back to how I first started my love for photography, even though the weather did not cooperate with me today.

Stay strong. Keep fighting. Kaizen.

Wishing everyone a great year ahead!

Moving Forward

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I promised to share more on Myanmar trip and unfortunately I have been caught up with many other things recently. The Myanmar trip stories are definitely much better heard in person.

Moving forward, this website will continue to remain as it is, though I foresee my updates will be much less frequent as I focus my time on building alessermedia. Do check us out at 🙂

I leave you with one of the best photo that reminds me of the most wonderful time we spend with lovely kids at Inle Lake.

Till the next post!

Singapore CBD Pano

Chasing the light

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Chasing the first light can so rewarding and yet so frustrating at times. I rarely wake up for sunrise shoots as the effort required is often the most demanding and you will not always be rewarded in return. I do make it a point to shoot sunrise once in a while when I can and this was my first sunrise in 2013 after a very long time.

The morning serenity is what I particularly enjoy for sunrise shoots. While making photographs, I’m able to contemplate on life and appreciate the beauty of what we have in life. Great moments indeed.

Till the next sunrise shoot 🙂

Mobile Photography

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Mobile photography has been quite a revelation for me, the use of mobile devices to make photographs allowed me to explore new perspectives on photography.

The image quality has been mush higher than expected, a testament to how far and fast technology has progressed. The ease of use and the various editing apps available means that I am able to contain the entire photography process within the ipad mini.

This photo was taken at Traders Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, which provides a great vantage point for admiring the architecture of KLCC. This image was captured and edited with the ipad mini and while the image quality cannot be compared to what you will get from a DSLR, I find that I actually enjoy using my ipad mini to take photographs even though it makes me look like a awkward tourist snapshooter most of the time.

Here are some of my recommended photography apps that I used: Camera+, VSCO Cam, Snapseed and Camera Awesome

Labrador Park Sunset

2013 Thoughts

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A new year. A new beginning.

The past year has been great for me in terms of photography. 2013 will mark the start where I try to balance photography with full time work. Hopefully I will be able to devote time to shoot and improve my photography skills.

The featured image was taken at Labrador Park during low tide back in December 2012. I did a reprocess of this image again to try out new techniques and I was quite surprised by the result. The final image was much closer to what I had in mind and it was much better than the previous edit.

I have just started to explore the world of mobile photography and I must admit it has been quite a fascinating process. The image quality exceeds my expectations and the variety of quality apps available for processing shows that it is a more than capable tool for serious photography as well.

Check out Kevin Russ and the amazing work he does with his iphone:



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It has been quiet over here as I did not shoot much for the past month. I’m taking it step by step to get back to shooting more landscapes and hopefully I will post more regularly over here in future. While having lesser time to head out and capture the beauty of life, I spent the rest of my time updating the website. The portfolio section has been revamped and I invested in a paid 500px plus account as well to organise and share my photos. My personal photobook “Journey into the Himalayas” is nearing completion as well and hopefully the final version will be ready in about a month’s time or so. Do check out for more regular photo updates.

This photo is from the archives of my Nepal trip, where the morning sun was just rising over the himalayan mountains. It was a great moment to watch and revel in the moment as the light revealed the intrinsic details of the ice cap peaks. This photo is part of my photobook selection as well, though presented in a different format.

Till the next update!

Why Film?

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I was suppose to finish this post before I left for Hanoi but I got caught up with all the packing and last minute preparation work. I’m back from Hanoi and it was yet another amazing and challenging trip. Look out for the photographs soon!

I saw a friend on facebook asking why film and I thought I should write about my own reasons for shooting film. I wrote an article on travel photography for (launching soon) recently and surprisingly 2 out of the 3 key photographs that I chose were taken on film.

Why film?

The choice of digital/film medium, large/medium/35mm format, camera and lenses are merely tools a photographer uses to create his images. My reluctance to give up film is simply because I cannot replicate what I get from film with digital in terms of the colours and the 3D effect. A film image is distinctively different from a digital image and hopefully someday digital technology can replicate what I can get on film before film dies out.

Another key reason for shooting film is the deeper appreciation for each image as compared to digital. From the process of loading the film, making the exposure and finally developing the film, there are many areas where it can go wrong resulting in the loss of the image. Everytime I receive the negatives back from the lab or seeing them for the first time out of the developing tank, there is a great sense of appreciation of how much has gone through in order to create that particular image.

For those who love film, do check out this great article by Nelson at Why I (Still) Love Shooting Film

when in doubt

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It’s been too long since I last took my camera out for a shoot and I decided to take a break from other things that I was doing and go for a sunset shoot. I was feeling a bit jaded prior to this and I needed to find my mojo back. Been wanting to go to Labrador Park for the longest time but it was not low tide at sunset. I went to Gardens by the Bay East instead via the Marina Barrage route and it was quite a walking distance under the blistering heat.

The sunset was beautiful which made me fell in love with photographing the beauty of nature again, it’s hard to explain why I get so much inner peace when I’m out photographing. Perhaps it’s the constant appreciation of all things that have to come into place when I get a beautiful sunrise/sunset. This was one of the rare times I did not get to experience blue hour as the sunset afterglow kept lingering which turned the sky pinkish. It was a sight to behold. Thankful that I was able to witness and capture it on camera. The view here might have been shot many times by other photographers but to me it doesn’t matter because the light is different everytime and more importantly this is my own personal take on this scene. For those who are sitting in front of their laptops and looking at photos like this and thinking that it’s over-shot and deciding not to go out and shoot, I rather “f/8 and be there” as opposed to missing out all the potential beautiful sunrises/sunsets.

When in doubt, do what you love.