Light is Beautiful

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I was well prepared for today’s shoot and arrived at Esplanade area with plenty of time to spare before the sunset, giving me the opportunity to scout out the area for the best vantage point. You could say that one of my favourite places to shoot in Singapore is here. There are so many different micro perspective one could choose to take as evident from the sheer number of photographers with their cameras along the stretch of esplanade. Add on to the fact that random passersby would like to initiate conversation with me makes this an enjoyable place to shoot.

As the sky start to turn into a beautiful blue hue, I deployed my tripod planning to do a panoramic shot of  Shenton Way together with the Marina Bay Sands. However as fate would have it, the light was dying off fast resulting in a near black sky over at the MBS area while it was still blue over here. I ended up stitching 2 vertical frames of Shenton Way which turned out to be one of my personal favourite shot of Shenton Way.

Everytime I look at this photograph it reminds me that light is beautiful. Singapore is beautiful.


Rooftop surprises

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A week ago, I went on to recee for vantage spots around town area. I struck gold with this place as it allowed access to the rooftop and after checking out the place, I had a visual idea of the scene that I wanted to shoot and decided to come back a week later at sunset timing with my full gear to shoot.

I remembered being on the bus leaving school and along the way to buona vista mrt, the sun was setting and there was beautiful golden light with the sun hidden partly by clouds coupled with amazing rays spilling out from beneath the clouds. I contemplated alighting the bus to get a shot but decided against it as I was sure I would not make it to my rooftop spot in time for golden light if I had alighted and the uncertainty of finding a spot without obstruction given such tight timing dissuaded my logical mind.

Sometimes the split second decision you make will affect the rest the outcome and I’m glad I stuck to the original plan that I had crafted out a week ago. Reaching my destination, I was surprised to be greeted by the amazing glow of the sunset. It was totally unexpected and immediately I rushed to setup my tripod and my camera as I knew the light would only last for a few more minutes. Thankfully I managed to get my shot and sure enough the beautiful sunset disappeared beneath the horizon.

These are times where you find beautiful things in unexpected places.  This photo that I took will always remind me of the pleasure of witnessing such beauty and a reminder that I must always be prepared. It was a magical moment for me, seeing the beauty of Mother Nature and the beautiful light that spread out over the clouds.



Inspired in Brisbane

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I remembered peering out of the airplane window upon landing and thinking to myself, this looks like a total opposite of Singapore. Stepping out into the airport terminal at around 12 plus midnight, it was like the city was deep in slumber and I was an unannounced visitor, slipping pass the immigration gates. Together with my 2 travel buddies, we went to pick up our rented car for this trip. The feeling of cold emptiness persisted throughout the ride, as once again my eyes were greets by sights of darkness and empty streets.

Upon reaching our accommodation at around 2.30am, I was restless despite the lack of sleep and was eager to explore the streets even thou there was a light drizzle. It was a Sunday night, Boxing day, and the streets were empty save for a few partygoers who have decided that it was the end of their night. After getting some drinks and a local sim card from 7-11, I was back to exploring the streets. I ended up on Chinatown and right behind me was this beautiful scene that stopped me in my tracks. I was truly amazed by the peace and tranquility I felt despite being tired and cold.

Sometimes it’s not about getting the perfect shot, it’s about trying to capture the feeling of the place. Whenever I look back at this photograph, despite the fact that this was a photograph with imperfections, yet I always get transported back in time to the feeling of being at that street in Brisbane, under the light drizzling rain, feeling cold, tired, a sense of cold emptiness and the peaceful silence of the night accompanying my first encounter of Brisbane.

The rest of the trip was a total different story but that is a story best told in person. 😉



Warm Welcome

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Hi! Welcome to my personal website that I’ve been working on for the past few weeks and it is finally LIVE! I wanted to have a proper platform to share my photographic works coupled with deeper insights into the thoughts and feelings of the images created. The main direction of www.kenchuaphoto.com is to act as my personal photoblog where I will share my thoughts and my photographs. I hope you readers will enjoy your stay here and join me together in the journey to keep improving the quality of my photographic works. I believe that “light is beautiful” and I want to keep capturing beautiful light and sharing with you guys how beautiful Singapore is like under beautiful light. Expect to see people, places and things under beautiful light and I hope along the way perhaps you get inspired by the beautiful light.

As this website is still new, please do explore the rest of the site and if you discover any link errors or bugs etc, please let me know so that I can fix them. All feedbacks/comments/suggestions are very much welcomed!

Ken Chua