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Art of Minimalism

By 3 August 2011Blog, Minimalist

It been a real good week as I finally got the time over 2 different days to work on my backlog of photos that I was suppose to organise and edit. Usually my workflow of converting RAW to jpeg will take only a few minutes doing automatic lens correction, sharpening, cropping (if necessary), straightening the horizon (if necessary), cloning off dust spots and colours adjustments. I realised that I spent more time on selection and deciding the on final outcome of the image (sometimes I have process 2 versions of the same image). Occasionally the image I had in mind turned out to be less aesthetically pleasing than the initial test shot which resulted in the test shot being selected as the final image. Ironic.

Minimalist images often take me quite a while to finish as the cleaning up process is rather time consuming. The variety of ways to present a minimalist image also contribute to the amount of time required to produce a single minimalist image. However, the beauty of minimalism is so rewarding when you see the final image that you have made. I really enjoying looking at minimalist images (check out my inspirations: Thomas Leong and Michael Levin). Minimalist images are truly beautiful on a different level. Some call it fine art, some call it beauty in simplicity. To me, minimalist images are the best interpretation of the famous Antoine de Saint-Exupery quote “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

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